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Miles from Home - Colleen Lanier

Colleen Lanier is a registered nurse with a private consulting firm. She looks forward to summers as a camp nurse to developmentally disabled adults and children, and is a strong believer in volunteering.

She is proud aunt to six nephews and a diehard Chicago Bears fan. Colleen lives in Florida, where she works, volunteers, writes, and continues her quest for the perfect cup of coffee.

It is her greatest hope that Miles from Home will start discussions, cause people to consider what they would do in such a situation, and motivate people to reflect on their values and hopes for the future. Baby boomers, the sandwich generation, and even younger people will inevitably be faced with end of life issues. Colleen believes that discussions on death and dying, while difficult, are so very important. She hopes her book will facilitate these types of conversations.

As illustrated in Miles from Home, situations can change with little to no notice. Even the best laid plans can be ineffective against Alzheimer's progression and the changing needs of a person facing end of life due to a terminal condition. It is so important to consider the possible need for assisted living facilities, hospice care, nursing homes, home health, and even caregiving in the home. Making decisions while conversations are still possible will hopefully allow for a more peaceful experience for the entire family.

Colleen encourages all readers to follow their heart in supporting one of the many worthy organizations that need our help.

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